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We walk you through every step of every part of the process.  


Service of process is the method of giving the Defendant, the entity being sued, notice of the claim against them. Every court has its own rules as to serving the Defendant. For example, some courts require service by the sheriff. Some allow service by private process servers. While some courts will allow service on the Defendant to be made by mail with a return receipt requested. Although the rules for service vary from court to court, all courts require that the Defendant be given notice of the impending action.


Filling your claim with the court depends on the rules of that particular court that has jurisdiction over the Defendant. Some courts allow filing by mail. Some courts have online electronic filing. Some courts allow filing via email. Still, others allow the claim to be filed via fax. We walk you through every step of every part of the process.  


Filling fees are separate fees that you pay directly to the court. Fees vary depending on the court, the jurisdiction, and the amount you are suing for. Our fee does not include your filing fees.


The complaint is a legal document that lays out the claims the Plaintiff has against the Defendant. The detail required for the Complaint and the rules and requirements vary from court to court.

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The Defendant is now on notice that you are to be taken seriously and ignored no longer.  The opportunity for a quick resolution of the matter will usually present itself by the Defendant.  That’s right- typically the Defendant’s legal department will contact you in an attempt to amicably resolve the matter.  Now you are negotiating your settlement on a level playing field!  And always remember, we are here to help you and walk you through the entire process.  

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