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We strive to empower our customers to help themselves with their legal matters and help them obtain the relief they deserve.  

Our Story

Just Sue the Bastards (JSTB was founded by an attorney. Often, the attorney would be unable to help a client where the cost to pursue the matter would exceed the amount of damages.

The potential Defendant would realize this and continue to ignore the consumer with the belief that the cost to pursue the matter would be prohibitive. The attorney would help many people through pro bono work. However, he was frustrated that many large corporations would simply ignore complaints by consumers since the costs and complexity of pursuing an action against them would be difficult, and they knew it!

Seeing a significant number of people in need of justice and help with their disputes, Just Sue the Bastards (JSTB) was born.

JSTB researches the matter for you so that you will know which court to file in, how to file, where to file, who to serve, how to serve, and even help you with the forms, all step by step.

You represent yourself and the playing field is suddenly changed. Now, instead of being ignored, you are usually contacted by the Defendant (many times for the first time), often with offers for settlement. In fact, most of our customers are able to successfully settle their matters soon after filling their cases, and rarely ever have to appear in court.